Powered with High Bright Japanese LED Technology

Product Features

  • Three light modes; bed lamp, bright and high bright modes.
  • Uses bright LED technology and produces 100% white light suitable for all indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Simple in design that allows the lamp to be used as a table top lamp, a wall mounted lamp or floodlight.
  • LEDs used are tough, long-lasting, and don’t fuse easily.
  • Easy to operate and charge using the included 3 watt solar panel.
  • Ability to charge mobile phones using the supplied solar panel and optional adapter to support different mobile phones.

Product Benefits

  • Saves money used to buy kerosene.
  • Portable and useful for outdoor use such as by farmers working in the fields, cattle sheds and more.
  • Good lighting source for women working in the kitchen, and children studying.
  • Useful for increasing productivity in case of those pursuing small livelihood options as they can now work late into the night.
  • Lights last for long hours, helping meet daily household lighting requirement.
  • Uses freely available solar energy for charging.
  • Zero emissions, and no smoke, fumes, soot, etc.
  • No more health hazards like irritation in the eyes, cough, chest pain, breathing problems, etc., due to inhalation of toxic fumes from kerosene lamps.
  • Charge mobile phones at no extra cost.
  • Availability of all spare parts and good after sales support.


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