Product features

  • 2 Lighting modes – High bright and normal bright
  • Uses bright LED technology and produces 100% white light suitable for indoor lighting for a small room or as a personal light
  • Advanced and innovative design with 0.5 watt embedded solar panel for charging
  • Uses the world’s best LEDs from Nichia, Japan.
  • Easy to operate and charge – even by children
  • Most useful for women while cooking in the kitchen and for children while studying at night
  • Light bright enough to match 2-3 kerosene lanterns and oil lamps
  • Zero emissions and no smoke, fumes, soot, etc.

Product benefits

  • Very economical model for the benefit of women and children in rural and off-grid areas
  • Uses freely available solar energy for charging
  • Eco-friendly light with zero emissions like soot, toxic fumes, etc., and safe for everyone to use
  • The embedded solar panel at the back of the light makes it easy to charge by just placing the lamp face down in the sun – No more extra wires and solar panel to manage!
  • Extremely light and durable with ABs plastic body
  • Easy operation, placement, and handling
  • Long lasting
  • Clean and Bright Lighting for longer hours which can help in household activity at night
  • Ideal for use in the kitchen by women while cooking and for use by children for studying at night
  • Helps eliminate the use of fuels for lighting and thus saves money
  • Prevents health hazards and danger due to fire accidents from kerosene
  • An ldeal CSR option for rural study lighting projects

Product Specifications

  • LED wattage : 0.5 watts
  • Battery : 1200 mAh
  • Solar Panel : 0.5 Watt
  • ABs Plastic Body
  • Microprocessor based electronic circuitry
  • Product warranty of 6 months against any manufacturing defects

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