Boyscout of America – Pastolan Elementary School

The Challenge

Ishan Pradhan is a high school student from India who moved to Manila 9 years ago. An active member of The Boy Scouts of America, he took it upon himself the project of providing solar lighting solutions for Pastolan Elementary School.
The school is located in Subic Bay around a two and a half hour drive from Manila. This school is for the aborigines or by their local name the Aetas who were evicted from around Mount Pinatubo in 1990 after the dreadful erruption of the volcano.

The Solution

Upon contacting Thrive Solar Energy Philippines, Inc. (TSEP), where we value a similar cause of providing help for our kababayans and educating the children of the Philippines, TSEP offered to give Ishan a highly discounted rate and an upgraded system, from a 300W system to 800W system. This allowed him to power 3 rooms instead of just powering one single room as per the original plan.

Thank you for offering your help for this project. I am really grateful to you for offering to provide me with an 800 watt system instead of a 300 watt system. This offer have helped me put lights in two or three classrooms instead of the one I had originally planned for.

I will make sure Thrive Solar is credited for the supply of the solar panels.

The installation was successful. Thanks for all your support.

Ishan Pradhan

High School Student, Boyscout of America

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