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The common thread that runs across the diverse background of the senior  management team of ThrivePartners, is  their commitment to the cause of sustainable energy and a commitment to make a difference to the world’s pressing energy needs.

ThrivePartners is committed to advancing renewable energy in the intermediate marketplace by delivering technical and cost effective solutions and services. These include development, financing, engineering, maintenance, construction and ] installation of photovoltaic (PV) solar and other renewable energy options.

The ThrivePartners team brings together strong expertise in project financing, creative solutions and customized approaches, and a wide range of relationships that will allow us to tap a broad and diverse base of lenders and investors.

High energy costs, abundant growth drivers, low cost of installation and outstanding market penetration have presented ThrivePartners with a rare opportunity in the intermediate renewable energy space. With the convergence of falling costs, attractive government incentives, and the skyrocketing cost of energy, ThrivePartners has quickly become the go-to source for meeting the demands of this dynamic energy production and consumption environment.

Our Core Values

  • Providing renewable and reliable energy at affordable prices
  • Serving the most needy in provinces, towns and
    barangays with lighting products
  • Livelihood and Employment generation through energy entrepreneurs in every town and province
  • Reducing environment pollution through replacement of kerosene lamps with solar lights
  • Giving higher value to the various partners and stakeholders.

THRIVEPARTNERS and the Intermediate Renewable Energy Market PPA

ThrivePartners broadly employs the Power Purchase Agreement model for financing of intermediate market solar installations. Our PPA serves mid-size commercial, large commercial and government customers. This PPA is a long term agreement allowing our customers to purchase sustainable energy at lower-than-current utility rates with no upfront costs. This allows businesses and government entities the opportunity to invest their cash resources in other core areas of their organizations. All operation and maintenance in this PPA is covered by ThrivePartners as the owner of the system providing a worry free solar experience. This also allows non-profits to benefit from the tax incentives which are currently available. By utilizing our PPA model ThrivePartners will integrate new and emerging renewable technologies and efficiencies resulting in increased economies of scale and outstanding value.

ThrivePartners has recognized the typical stumbling blocks of the standard PPA process being a lack of financing after a system is designed. ThrivePartners have participated in the funding of $4 billion in alternative energy. This team provides sustainable energy to government and commercial markets.

THRIVEPARTNERS and the International Renewable Energy Market

With our team’s experience we can offer international PPAs, debt service, and equity financing. We look at each international opportunity independently. Our internal international legal and finance experience allows a variety of different capabilities in unique regions.


  • 11.2 MW Indianapolis Motor
  • 50 kW Extreme Gymnastics Speedway
  • 10.5 MW VA projects
  • 50 kW Burkes Outlet
  • 2 MW Scotty’s Development
  • 50 kW Clayton Watkins Construction
  • 550 kW EPC Samoa
  • 50 kW Aaron’s
  • 500 kW Next Power Ventures
  • 50 kW China King
  • 138 kW City of Cerritos Water
  • 50 kW South Central Bank
  • 87 kW Samaritan Village
  • 50 kW Vann Homecare
  • 50 kW Winn Dixie
  • 40 kW SDSU Research Foundation/Next Power Ventures
  • 50 kW Extreme Health
  • 40 kW Los Mariachis
  • 50 kW Extreme Fitness
  • 40 kW Serenity Spa and more.


700 kW Laguna

70 kW Palawan

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